Seven Fields owns and manages four citrus properties in the Mildura, or Sunraysia, region (Hattah, Tarcoola, Sunwest and Ellerslie), in addition to a large packing facility which was opened ahead of the 2013 season.

The Sunraysia region has a Mediterranean climate and experiences 122 clear days each year, and 77 days (on average) when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius. Mildura is a major food production region. Its irrigated agricultural land produces most of Australia's dried fruit, as well as table grapes and citrus.

Seven Fields currently has in excess of 450 hectares of citrus planted in Sunraysia. Of these properties, only 20% were established prior to 1990. Plantings have continued steadily since 1990 and peaked in 2005, when over 60 hectares were planted. Therefore all of the trees are relatively young and are planted to rootstocks selected to suit the various soil types encountered on each property. The opportunity also exists to develop an additional 120 hectares of land on these properties, which is suitable for planting citrus, wine grapes, table grapes and avocadoes.

Our flagship property, Sunwest, has one of the largest plantings of Afourers in Australia. Afourers are a low-seeded, easy-peel mandarin that originated in Morocco. The Afourers are completely seedless if they are isolated from cross-pollination and Sunwest provides the required conditions to grow seedless fruit. The property also has 100 hectares of afourers and navel oranges under nets, which help protect the fruit from inclement weather and particularly strong winds that can cause skin blemishes.

Produce grown in the Sunraysia region by Seven Fields includes: citrus (Navels, Mandarins, Lemons and Grapefruit) and wine grapes.