White Grapes

White Grapes

The list of white grape varieties Seven Fields grows and manages is below. Each grape has a unique flavour and characteristics that contribute to the flavour of the wine they are used to produce.


This is one of the most versatile grape varieties, which can be used in both sparkling and still wine. Its aroma is distinct, yet delicate. It often smells like apples, lemons, peaches or tropical fruits. Chardonnay is often described as having a "fleshy", "buttery" quality. Chardonnay is unmistakable in the mouth because of its impeccable sugar/acid balance, its full body, and its easy smoothness.

Sauvignon Blanc

The varietal identity of Sauvignon Blanc is typically similar to grass, bell-pepper, or grapefruit in nature. New Zealanders liken it to "gooseberry". Sauvignon Blanc is usually quite distinctive and one of the easier varietal wines to recognize by its often sharp, aggressive smell. Sauvignon Blanc vines tend to be quite vigorous growers, so it is especially important to manage the canopy by careful pruning. 


The ripe semillon berry is a rich yellow colour at maturity. In warmer climates, there is always danger of sunburn and raisining. When processed as a dry or semidry table wine, the thin skins and tender, juicy pulp require speedy but gentle handling. Semillon grapes are also used in the popular dessert wine know as a "Botrytis" style, the noble rot which concentrates the sugars and flavours and intensifies the aromas.


Verdelho has been cultivated in Portugal since at least the 1400s. It is one of the grapes long used in the making of Madeira. This variety is used there to make both dry table wines and sweet, fortified wines. The table wines produced from Verdelho tend to be tart and lemony, crisp and refreshing, with a relatively good body.

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