Seven Fields grow three varieties of mandarins which enable us to supply throughout the Australian winter. From the popular Imperial mandarin to the easy peel, low seeded Afourer, we pride ourselves on being one of Australia's premier mandarin suppliers.

More information about each of the varieties we grow is below or check our availability chart to see when they are in season....


The Afourer mandarin, otherwise known as the Nadorcott or W.Murcott, originated in Morocco and is becoming widely recognised as the mandarin of choice for consumers in the Northern hemisphere, particularly Europe. Seven Fields are one of the largest growers of Afourers in Australia. Our flagship property, Sunwest, delivers seedless fruit through its isolation from other mandarin trees, limiting cross-pollination. Our other properties grow Afourers that have similar seed counts to an Imperial mandarin. Afourers are definitely gaining popularity in Australia - they are easy to peel, low-seeded, have a vibrant orange appearance and, most importantly, they taste great! They are the perfect substitute for the Imperial mandarin, when its season is winding to a close, and are just the right size for children's lunchboxes. Afourers also have an excellent shelf life, making them perfect for holding in your fridge or for transporting long distances.

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Honey Murcotts

The Honey Murcott is one of the sweetest mandarins grown in Australia. Whilst it has more seeds than the Imperial and Afourer mandarin, it has a higher juice and sugar content making it a perfect substitute for orange juice if you feel like something to give you a boost in the morning. The Honey Murcott is a very popular export variety, particularly in South East Asia, because of its tight skin, high sugar to acid ratio and its ability to transport well over long distances.


The Imperial has been Australia's mandarin of choice for many years. It is easy to peel, low-seeded and has a refreshing, sweet flavour that children love. The Imperial is one of the first Australian mandarins on the market and kicks off the winter citrus season.

The Sunwest Brand

The Sunwest Brand

The Sunwest® brand was built around our flagship property in Sunraysia of the same name and is used for marketing both our citrus and mango products. Our aim is for the Sunwest® brand to be recognised worldwide as being a mark of quality produce.

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