Brands & Packaging


We believe that one of the key components to a successful brand is to offer consistency, especially in an industry where conditions can be so unpredictable that quality is often compromised. This is why we strive to meet the same high quality standards set for our brands season after season so customers can have faith in the products they are purchasing.

Our brands are unique to Seven Fields and are organised into the categories of citrus, mangoes and wine. For citrus we use the Sunwest, ONE Hand-Picked Australian Citrus and Billy Cart Citrus. Our mangoes are sold predominantly under our Sweet Cheeks brand, and also Lady Jane for particular varieties. Our bulk wine is not branded, but we do have limited production runs of super-premium bottled wine under the "Seven's Select" label.


Packaging Options

Packaging Options

Seven Fields offers a range of packaging options to suit its customers and to ensure that they receive our products in the best possible condition.

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