Our Values


In 2010 we collectively arrived at a set of values that had guided our decision making up until that point in time. We want to publish these values for two reasons:

  • They have been critical to our success and it's important that we continue to reinforce them in our daily activities to build a strong culture around them.
  • So others know what drives our behaviour, whether they are prospective employees, suppliers or customers.

These are our values...



Above all, we provide a healthy and safe place for our people to work.



Everyone deserves, and will be treated with, respect.



We are committed to continually learning to improve ourselves, and our products and services.



We are focused on delivering quality consistently over a long period of time. Near enough is never good enough.



We are driven: We accept challenges willingly and will take the initiative in striving to achieve our goals.



We understand that we will succeed with a team focus, and so we foster a culture of open communication, trust and transparency.



We act with integrity: We do what we say we will do.